03 9 / 2014

Mind of a Chef Season 3 Trailer | Edward Lee

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03 9 / 2012

And now, on the completely opposite side of the serious spectrum, I absolutely adore Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake together. I’m particularly fond of their History of Rap medleys (they’ve done three so far), but there aren’t “official” videos of them on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon website (at least, not that I could find). You’ll have to YouTube them because they are so fun. The video above is part of the interview following their History of Rap Part 3 performance.

14 11 / 2010

31 12 / 2009

As long as I’m talking Sesame Street and octopi on my previous tumblr posts, I figured I should post this one too.

31 12 / 2009

Why it’s still worth watching Sesame Street after you grow up